Why My Wife is Wonderful

My little girl, who has yet to make her arrival, is already giving my wife and I a hard time.  She was set to make her grand appearance somewhere around March 3rd but because she is breech and refuses to turn we had to make some changes.

We got up nice and early and went to the hospital in order to see if a doctor could turn her.  But alas, she was crafty like her old man and managed to elude being flipped around.  My wife and I both had hoped we would be able to avoid a C-section, but unfortunately we had to schedule one for the 24th.

I know the Mrs. was upset about having to have the c-section.  She had really wanted to have a nautral birth, and didn’t want a c-section on our first to get in the way of being able to have a normal birth down the road.  To be honest I expected her to be very upset, but she handled everything really well.

This situation is just the most recent of many that constantly remind me why my wife is so wonderful.  Since  most of your don’t know her, here’s a quick breakdown on why she is so great:

  • She is able to deal with anything thrown at her:  Trust me, having me as a husband is no picnic.  While I may seem awesome and bad ass from the outside I come with a whole host of issues. My wife has stood by my side through thick and a whole lot of thin in our years together.
  • She can make me laugh like no one else:  Her laugh makes me laugh.  The finest specimen is when she explodes in laughter when no one else does in a movie theater.
  • She is everything I am not:  She’s organized where I am chaotic.  She focuses on the process while I focus on the goal.  She is calm where I am wild.  She is sensitive when I am oblivious.
  • She is a loving and caring person who will be a great mother!  She knows more about babies than I think I ever will. . .

I am lucky to have her in my life.  She brings out the best in me; even when I really would prefer that she didn’t.

With all the last minute stuff going on with the baby it’s easy to forget about  making my wife feel special.  Special thanks to the guys over at Dad-Blogs who are running a Valentine’s Day contest; reminding me I can’t forget to be a husband just because I’m going to be a dad.

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  1. What a great husband you are! Being able to list all the wonderful things you love about your wife is great. I hope she reads this and is as touched as I am.

  2. You hit on something important in the last paragraph. Don’t forget to be a husband after the baby arrives. It is hard to do both but you have to make the effort. It makes life a lot smoother when you do.

    We exchange comments pretty often. How about linking to my site in your blogroll. I have linked to yours. Thanks.

  3. What a fantastic post. You made me stop in my tracks, and think about all the wonderful things about my wife.
    I don’t know if your wife reads your blog or not. If she doesn’t, you may wish to give her a copy of this post when she is having a tough day with your future daugher. This post, is a great Valentine’s present in itself.
    Lastly, Otter Thomas is right. I’ve been married for 12 years, and continually have to remind myself that I am a father AND a husband. Thus the name of my blog.

  4. Fantastic post. I think you hit the nail on the head for several people with your final sentence, very insightful. Good luck on the 24th.

  5. @ Freddy: Thanks man, we both appreciate it!

    @ Al Bundy: She’s one of my 8 avid readers, and she was peaking over my shoulder as I wrote it. . .

    @Otter: Done and done. Thanks for the link.

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