Why Are You Crying??

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Once again I have angered the gods and tempted fate.

When my little girl was born she did nothing but sleep.  My friends and family would ask how things are going as a new dad and I'd say "You know, surprisingly easy.  She sleeps a lot and doesn't cry at all."

This is like someone saying "What could possibly go wrong?" in a comedy movie or "I'll be right back" in a horror flick.

When my sister visited with her new baby, I mentioned to my wife how lucky we were that our kid didn't cry like that.  I should have known that the universe would punish me for my pride in having a daughter who did not cry or fuss that much.

All of a sudden my daughter has found her pipes.  She will erupt into lip quivering, red in face crying for no apparent reason.  Having no prior baby experience, my wife taught me to go down the checklist.

Does she need to be changed?

Has she eaten?

Does she need to be burped?

Does she need to be rocked to sleep?

But now my daughter feels the urge to start screaming bloody murder when apparently all of her needs have been met.  It reminds me of when Riley, our functionally retarded labrador, figured out she could bark.  She went on a campaign of barking simply because she could.

Has my daughter figured out she can cry and make the world around her come to a stop?

The funniest thing is my kid goes from 60 to 0 with the crying.  She'll be mid cry and all of sudden just stop.  This leads my wife and into thinking she is faking this and that nothing is really wrong.

Since I'm online all day long, I Googled this situation and found that although she is only 2 months old she may be teething.  We tried to give her one of the frozen chew toys during a fit the other day and she wanted nothing to do with it.

We checked with the doctor and nothing is medically wrong with her.  But she won't sleep for the hours she was before without waking up and screaming for us.  My normally level headed wife even let some expletives drop last Saturday night as my daughter decided it would be fun to wake her up every hour!

I'm at a loss dear readers.  Please help!

So Sad. . .


4 Responses to “Why Are You Crying??”
  1. Super Mega Dad says:

    As long as you check the diaper, food, etc, and have tried baby Orajel on her teeth nubs, sometimes they just cry to cry or just want to cuddle.

    My 3 year old is going through a phase where she won’t go to sleep alone. I’m trying to break her of this habit, but the wife doesn’t want to hear her cry when I put her back in her bed, so she is getting into the habit of sleeping with us. Not frustrating at all.

  2. Daddy Files says:

    No need to sweat it. As long as you’re checking the checklist and all is well, you’re fine. Babies cry because it’s literally all they can do for awhile. At two months they can’t walk, talk or really grasp things with their hands. So what can they do? They can cry. Even when they’re happy sometimes they’ll scream.

    and with the sleep schedule, it’s just nuts. As soon as you think you have a routine, they change on you and stop sleeping. Sometimes there’s a baby who’s perfect and sleeps through the night from Day 1. Personally, I think that’s a myth. Like Bigfoot or wives who crave sex three times a day.

    Just hang in there and keep trying to find a routine that works. It’s all you can do.

  3. Nikki says:

    Well, well well dear brother. Looks like the tables have turned a bit huh? hehe. Are you sure it isnt gas or anything of that nature? Has her rock hard stomach situation resolved? Cassidee has been having problems too and the dr thinks she might have acid reflux. Nice. They will grow out of it. But I do feel Kelli’s pain. Been there done that one. But she’s lucky she has a great husband like you to help out in the night. That always makes things easier. And even though she’s crying in the picture, she still looks adorable as ever. Miss u all!

  4. mrs.notcouching says:

    The good news is that she still looks good while doing it I think your LO is about the same age as ours (7 weeks) - ours had similar issues a few weeks ago. Our friends recommended Gripe Water and it was a life saver! (I am knocking the shit out of wood as I type this…) But just an FYI - our pediatrician was not excited about us using it… but after a few weeks of living with the baby who screamed bloody murder every hour I started to worry that my daughter first words will be “you gotta be shitting me!”

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