Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

“In the pines, in the pines, where the sun don’t ever shine?” No Lead Belly, I did not, and please stop asking me that! Yeah, I know it’s an obscure reference but I’m really trying to target the 70+ southern blues crowd these days . . .

I had the privilege of sleeping on a cheap plastic mattress on an equally as shitty cot lacking any sort of proper sleeping support. Yeah, I’ve slept on worse. Back in the day if I had the right amount of Bud Light and Jaeger Bombs in me you could role me up in a ball and put me to sleep in a dryer (permanent press low-heat only, let’s not get crazy). But now in my wiser and older years (hey I’m almost 30) I need a good bed or it feels like elves went to work on my spine with mallets.

But my options were limited. . .

My wife and I had to recently plan a c-section on the 24th due to my soon to be daughter’s insistence on being butt first in the womb. Because of that she has been monitored closely by her midwife and the OB. Her swelling has been above normal, her blood pressure up and finally too much protein in her urine. Unfortunately, she has mild pre-eclampsia.

Her docs told her to monitor herself closely, and if any warning signs came up to call them immediately. Last night she got a nasty headache which is one of the aforementioned symptoms and we were sent to the hospital to have her blood pressure monitored.

We got to the hospital and were greeted by the nurses who knew the situation. “Don’t worry; we’ll monitor you for an hour and have you out of here.” After the hour and 4 high BPs we were told the bad news. “You’re going to have to stay the night. . .we’ll get you a cot”

“If your BP doesn’t go down I will call the doc and see what she wants to do. Most likely we’ll send you home and you’ll be on bed rest until the c-section on the 24th”

As if sleeping on the medieval rack wasn’t enough the nurse visits every hour or so kept me in a constant state of not-quite-asleep. Tack on to that my gut wrenching worry for my wife and daughter it was not a good night.

Somehow I slipped into that warm/fuzzy place where you’re not asleep but sleep is wrapping itself around you. Enter the nurse. “Well, your BP is getting higher and it looks like your mild pre-eclampsia is now severe, so we’re probably going to be having a baby today.” What??!! I’m awake, I’m awake.

I thought I was going to work today. I had left overs I was going to eat at lunch, I had phone calls to make, people to email. Now I might be a dad. . . TODAY?!

The docs arrived as I was returning from picking up our bags we packed for the hospital stay (yeah we really didn’t see this coming) and just said “So we’re going to have a baby today! Here’s your scrubs, we have an OR scheduled in one hour”

To be continued. . .

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  2. Nirvana played that on their unplugged show too so I get the reference and love the song as sang by Cobain. I can’t imagine what you had to go through with a surprise C-section

  3. Yeah I think that’s the only way people who weren’t alive during WWII know about Lead Belly. I was watching Nirvana unplugged when I was a teenager and my grandma said “Oh that’s an old Lead Belly song”. She turned me on to him and I have a cd of his greatest stuff. It’s all kinds of cool. . .

  4. That really brings back memories. My first child happened about the same way. Went in for a checkup on high blood presure and all the rest and ended up with a baby. I got to sleep on a not so comfy plastic chair, however. And man, was it COLD. I feel for ya, man!

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