The True Danger of Tornadoes

I am a west coast kid; born and raised in California.  Because I enjoy punishing myself I sought out and accepted a promotion that brought me to the Midwest, Nebraska more precisely.  I grew up with earthquakes and they don’t bother me.  Usually my family would not even get up from the dinner table if it was a “little one”.  So in addition to dealing with this mysterious white powder that falls from the sky you call snow, I had to learn to cope with tornadoes.  I remember once joking as a teenager, “Why would anyone live in a place that has a ’season’ for natural disasters?!”  And once again the universe has punished me for my shortsightedness.

After a couple of years here I am OK with tornadoes.  I have a nice finished basement I can hide in,  the news does a good job of tracking the storms (street by street actually), and the national weather service sounds sirens whenever you might be in danger.  More often than not the tornado is on the other side of town and you don’t have to worry.  I’ll even go as far as to pop my head outside to watch the storm blow by.

The last group of storms that came through though were a bit different.  There was a succession of tornadoes that came through town and they were barrelling down on my neighborhood.  Our streets are numbered and a tornado touched down only 20 streets away.  So this was one of those times I was hiding in the basement.  My wife and I were down there for a bit and all that was on TV was news about tornadoes.  Well without DVR and nothing good on cable you get a little bored just watching the Doppler radar. . . .

Fast forward 6 weeks:  My wife and I have just discovered she is pregnant and asks me “When do you think it was that did it?”  She went online and found this Pregnancy Calculator; it helps you figure out when you conceived, when your trimesters end, and when your due date is.  It’s pretty handy.  Well we tracked it back to a date in June. . . .that’s right boys and girls the night of the tornadoes! 

So yes, tornadoes can cause property damage, even hurt or kill people but there is something that the National Weather Service and news outlets all around tornado country don’t tell you. . .tornadoes can cause conception!

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