The Calm After the Storm

Part 3:  Continued from Where Did You Sleep Last Night and “I Think I’m Having a Heart Attack”

My wife left me with strict instructions “No one but you and the hospital people hold the baby after the c-section until I do.”  On pain of a miserable marriage for the foreseeable future I made sure that came true.

I brought the baby out to see the family, and despite an overwhelming desire for grandma to hold her, she understood how important it was for my wife to be the next to hold her.

We all walked down to the nursery where the took they kid’s vitals and cleaned her up a bit.  She got some much needed warmth while they finished up the surgery on my wife.  The last I saw they had some massive organ in their hands and were moving my wife’s innards around like living room furniture.  So we had a little time to take pictures and get to know the newest addition to the family.

My wife’s midwife assisted on the surgery and came into the nursery to let us know she was fine and recovering.  Normally, the nursery staff keeps the baby for an hour or so, but our midwife helped us “steal” the baby and get her to mom as soon as possible.

I got to bring my wife our beautiful little girl and let them get the bonding they both needed.  It was great to watch them together.  My wife held her and even was able to feed her.  She was completely natural and didn’t seem to be suffering from feelings of “Oh my god I might break her” like I was.

Unfortunately, we had to take the baby back to the nursery.  I went back to the recovery room where my wife was not feeling too hot.  Because of the pre-ecampsia and resulting high blood pressure the docs had to have my wife on magnesium sulfate, so she wouldn’t have seizures.  I guess it has the nasty side effect of making you feel like you got hit by a train.

Any movement of her head made her nausish, the poor thing couldn’t even talk to me with her eyes open.  Then they moved her. . .

The room she would be staying in for the next 24 hours was ready so two nurses started to wheel my wife on over. The only problem was one wheel didn’t work all that well.  They were unable to turn her easily so in tight corners they had to lift the bed and “hop” it across the floor.  This didn’t go over well with my wife.

My wonderful wife bought me a High Def Sony video camera for Christmas.  The idea was that we would be able to capture all of our new baby’s greatest moments.  Being an Audio/Visual nerd I was all about this!  I imagined my baby’s cinematic debut. . .The baby is delivered to a waiting mother, arms outstretched..  .oh the emotion!!

Cue the lights!  Roll the camera!  And action. . .Grandpa brings in the new baby, accompanied by grandma and great aunt.  Mom begins to speak and then “Oh god, stop recording STOP RECORDING!!”  I turn off the camera just in time to miss out on her grabbing a small plastic container and puking out the minimal contents of her stomach!

By the time I got to sit down and take it all in, it felt like the last 12 hours had lasted a week.  As everyone rested and recouped the adrenaline that had been keeping me going finally wore off and I crashed. . .

I’d like to thank all of you for your support, advice and concern during all of this!  Thank you all again!

So I’m a dad. . .  what now??

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  1. DUDE, that is too cool. I remember all of that well with both of my kids. Such an incredible stressful time, but it’s amazing how it all just comes to you. Like something gets switched on in your brain. I was scared to death that I would break something, but after a couple of diaper changes, I was all into the baby thing. Oh man, now I remember the first POOPS…ICK!!!

    I hope the wonderful wife gets feeling better soon so that she can enjoy these moments as well.

  2. Just jump right in head first. It will all seem normal before you know it. Like I talked about in my Diaper Fear post it is best to start changing dirty diapers right away. You get used to it faster and your wife will thank you.

    I hope your wife recovers fast and gets a chance to start being mommy.

  3. Because the wife was on the injured list and couldn’t get up too easily I was on diaper duty in the hospital and at home. My daughter likes to pee on her clothes and the changing table after I have removed the diaper, but besides that I think I got the hang of it. . .

  4. Thanks SMD!

    I’m getting pretty good at moving the kid around, I don’t think she’s going to break or anything.

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