Telling the New Grandparents

The initial shock has worn off; a second positive pregnancy test has proved it. . . .So what now?  I love my wife for many reasons; but one of the biggest is how she balances me out.  While my mind is going a million miles a minute thinking about all of the new things I am going to be exposed to, how we are going to deal with them, and how many years the stress of all of this is going to cut off my life my wonderful wife is thinking “What would be the cutest way to tell the parents?”

After a couple stops at local stores and some arts and crafts work done in the parking lot, we are ready to spread the news.

We get to the house a little earlier than normal, and her mom, grandma and one sister are all hanging around.  She brings the bag in and sets it down on the counter, “We got you and Dad some thing, where is he, I want you to open it together”.  We are informed he is sleeping, and will probably not wake up until dinner. . . .2 hours from now.  OH my God!  I can’t take the stress of 2 hours of keeping this secret inside. .. It’s too much.  Without a word, I look at my wife and can tell she is feeling the same thing.  She takes her sister upstairs; when they come back down I get the look that tells me she knows. The decision has been made by the sisters that it is ok to let Mom find out first.

“Well just go ahead and open this by yourself then. . .”  Her Mom and Grandma are standing side by side as she opens the bag.  She takes out a silver frame that has engraved bottles, rattles, and other baby paraphernalia, there is Stork sticker on the glass that my wife has written “Coming in March 2009″.  Its fun to see life changing information sink in.  Her Mom starts yelling, “AHHH”, and as it sinks in with Grandma she starts “AHHHH”ing too.  Pretty soon they are taking turns;

“AHHHH” (mom)




It was hysterical!!!!!  After congratulations and hugs all around, the decision is made to wake Dad up, some news is important enough to interrupt naps. . . and I think this qualifies.  Her dad is roused from his sleep and comes downstairs, sleep still engulfing his brain.  The gift has been repackaged and he opens it.

We wait. . . . . .and wait. . . . (mind you this is less than a minute but it feels like an eternity!) Finally, his eyes widen and he says “Wow. . . . congratulations.” (A few days later he made sure to clarify that he was very excited about the news of his first grandchild, and that his muted reaction was only a result of being woken up.)

Since my parent live on the West Coast we were going to send them their frames, but after all the excitement, I couldn’t wait so I called them and told them the great news!  Not as fun, but you do what you have to do when you are 1600 miles apart.

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