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In these last 6 weeks I am just soaking up as much advice, tips and knowledge that I can from anywhere I can find it. I came across a great post at Discovering Dad on Raising Daughters. If you have or are expecting a little girl, these are some great tips.

Check it out!

If you have any advice or tips please feel free to post them here too. I need all the help I can get!


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  1. Knew Dad says:

    I know that I do not have any energy left to brew a pot of coffee or pick the towels up off of the bathroom floor. Exhaustion has conquered my body turning my thoughts to mush and my vision to a blurry smear of colors against the faint light night light burning from the wall outlet.

    But…a simple change in her breathing or the slightest coo from her cradle renews my senses and sends pulses of adrenaline to all points of my body. Suddenly, I feel as if I could run a marathon, or cook a meal for the entire Chicago Bears starting line-up.

    The books, magazines, pamphlets and other hoards of information have prepared me for many mental changes and feelings that I couldn’t have dreamed I feel. But none of them notified me that my body would adapt to react to her as if I had spent years training for these moments.

    Sleep well tonight Knew Dads!

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