Pregnancy Hormones

Pregnancy hormones are a wonderful thing.  They allow your partner’s body to change so it can accommodate a small growing human, but they also have the added bonus of making them act crazier than a trapped badger being poked with a stick.  For example, my wife went to DEF CON 2  because of the amount of dog hair on the couch and my sweat pant’s ability to transfer said hair.  All I need to do is stop static energy and the world could continue to spin.  But I digress. . .

Pregnancy Hormones; they aren’t just for women anymore.  Yes, that’s right it seems as though your hormones can change as well guys.  Studies have shown that levels of testosterone, prolactin, estrogen and cortisol all change in men (the percentage affected ranges from 20% to 80% depending on who you believe) while their partners are pregnant.  Many researchers believe this is what leads to Couvade Syndromem (from the French for “to hatch”) or Sympathetic Pregnancy.  Guys who experience this can ”share” in the morning sickness, weight gain, decreased energy etc.  It can also manifest itself in mood swings and nesting.

I’m pretty sure I have not experienced any of the physical symptoms.  At first I started to pack on some lbs, but I think that had more to do with the change in eating habits.  Often the Mrs. would have cravings only to get sick and there would be a lot of extra food laying around. . .which I refuse to waste.  However, I have not been immune to the emotional effects of hormone changes.  I have definitely experienced nesting with my OCD cleaning habits these days, but something even more bizarre was right around the corner.

I’m not one to get too emotional about much.  I can count the times I have teared up in a movie on one hand (if your eyes don’t mist when Tom Hank’s and Paul Newman have their show down in “Road to Perdition”, you are a heartless bastard!).  Yet right after I found out I was having a daughter every single sappy, cheesy or even remotley touching tv or movie scene wells my eyes up.  Case in point: I was watching one of my new favorite shows “Sons of Anarchy” on FX (awesome show about an out law motorcycle gang).  The main character has a son who was premature and had to be keep in the incubator for a couple of weeks.  When he was finally out, Dad got to hold him.  He says to him “I got some bad news kid. . . .I’m you’re old man”.  Cheesy and sappy right? But I misted up and had to do the “look at the ceiling” move us guys pull when we’re trying to keep it all in.   What the hell?!

My wife thinks this is both “cute” and funny and likes to take any opportunity to make fun of me.  Luckily, a lot of this wuss behavior has subsided recently, so maybe the hormones have ebbed.  Everyone joked that me having a daughter would “soften me up” and judging from this I would guess so.  Maybe this is nature’s way of preparing me for tea parties with teddy bears and unicorns that I am sure I will be a guest of in a few short years.

As long as I don’t get morning sickness and swollen ankles I can deal with it.

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  1. I have to tell you that as a mommy to 8 living children, I too well know those horrible hormones. My husband gained 180 pounds with my pregnancies and is just now taking it off.

    Nesting is definitely a prized side effect for a man to share! Clean and straighten to your heart’s content! I can’t imagine the Mrs. not being thrilled with that!

  2. Oh she loves it! She silently lets me suffer as the house gets cleaner. With the weight issue, I have been busting my a$$ working out just to stay even.

    I figure it’s all a small price to pay considering all the stuff she has to go through.

    Thanks for the comment!

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