New Look For NDB

So check out the new and improved New Dad Blog!

In the 6 months or so I have been blogging I would like to say that I have gained so much knowledge in the world of code that I put this bad boy together all on my own.

But I am big believer in the capitalistic system of division of labor.  I’ll keep on doing what I do best (write, fumble my way through being a dad) and let the code guys do the rest.

That’s why I went over to Studio Press and picked up this and a couple of other themes.  The one I am using on this page is called Metro and like most of their others uses featured content galleries (the big pretty pictures) to really make your blog come alive.

If you’re code impaired like myself they even offer a killer forum where you can get all of your questions answered.  They make web design easy even for someone who has no idea what they are doing.

I still have a few more tweaks to do but since I am running on Red Bull fumes and a couple hours of sleep it will have to do for now.

Check them out at Studio Press and let me know what you think of the new design.


13 Responses to “New Look For NDB”
  1. BellaDaddy says:

    Truly inspiring. Appreciate the approach, very easy to read.


  2. ShankRabbit says:

    There is something so satisfying about a new design. Congrats! The design is great.

  3. Otter Thomas says:

    I like it. I truly know how you feel about running on red bull fumes. I am a coffee man though. Coffee kept me alive through the first few months. I never drink red bull unless it is mixed with vodka.

  4. Adam says:

    Coffee has never done it for me, but I used to drink Red Bull daily. I’ve cut back and switched to sugar free but with the baby and work over load I have been riding the Bull a bit these days.
    Between that and diet coke my eye started switching, so I’ve made a conserted effort to stop.

  5. PJ Mullen says:

    Looking good. I haven’t been brave enough to trade in my freebie theme just yet. I know I need to update it, but I’m definitely going to go your route and get someone else to do it. Like my dad used to tell me: “if I fixed my own car Mr. Goodwrench would be out of a job”.

  6. MilehighDad says:

    Fast loading job you got going here.
    Just remember, a little code knowledge is dangerous so back up often! The more new you learn and try, the more often you will go down without even a puff of smoke.
    Speaking frommy own blood sweat and tears!

  7. Adam says:

    Thanks MHD. I have unfortunately learned the hard way that I need to save the original code before I start deleting things!

  8. Un-Hawthorne-ed says:

    Hi, My name is nate and I’m an addict.
    I used to drink sugar free red bull until my eyes would bleed and I would be up for three days at a time. I started not only talking to myself, but answering myself as well.
    Which is sadly why I’m not allowed to drink it anymore. - Man those conversations were interesting *cough* sorry, got carried away for a second by the mention of red bull.
    New page looks great.

  9. Mocha Dad says:

    Nice design.

  10. Kevin W. Grossman says:

    I’m digging it. I’m just a simple simon blogger template dad. Sigh.

  11. Mr. Man says:

    I am in the process of “making the switch” myself. I am excited about the process. Like you, I am learning a ton as a new blogger. Good luck with the new site.

  12. Super Mega Dad says:

    I like the new theme. Very clean and easy to read. I really like the layout of stuff. Great job, now get some sleep!

  13. Joe says:

    Dude this is tight! Great work!

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