People who have lived with me can attest to many of the interesting aspects of my character; I love to sleep in, I enjoy a Bud Light or two or three, I am a connoisseur of Chili Cheese Fries and I’m not quick to clean things up.  Now I’m not going to go as far as to sayI am slob, as some ex roommates have claimed, but I put off all things cleaning related until they need  to be cleaned.  That’s just how I have always operated.  I tolerate my mess until I feel it’s time for a cleaning purge.  At which point I clean up everything and start all over.

About four months into the pregnancy this all changed.  I have become obsessed with cleaning and organizing.  It’s more than a conscious thought “Oh the counter is dirty, I need to clean it.” It’s an compulsion, which once fed spreads.  I will start cleaning the counter, only to notice the dishes need to be unloaded, then I see that under the sink is disorganized, then trash needs to be taken out, which takes me to sweeping the floor. . . .and it’s impossible to stop.  I want to clean, disinfect and organize the world!  If I let myself go wild I’d be at home all day with cleaning gloves on.

None of this is helped by my wife’s unique cleaning methods.  She apparently subscribes to “Shove it in a Drawer” cleaning magazine.  So when I open our kitchen cabinet and I find recipes, batteries, head sets, ipods, stationary, plates . . . .my nesting infected brain almost short circuits. 

After some research and reading “The Expectant Father” it seems that this kind of activity is semi-normal.  Most new dads or dads-to-be want to organize the house, fix stuff around the house, put together baby furniture and so on.  It’s nice to know I’m not going crazy, or that I have adult onset OCD.

Much like my favorite side effect of pregnancy for my wife; she has little sympathy for my plight.  She continues to adhere to her cleaning method of “out of sight out of mind” while I continue to dart around the house muttering to myself like Rain Man,  ”Headphones definitely don’t belong in the kitchen. . . definitely”.

Does this happen to anyone else?  Any ideas on how to put the sponge down?

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