“I Think I’m Having a Heart Attack”

Part 2: Continued from Where Did you Sleep Last Night

Every Monday I write down a to do list. I fill my daily routine stuff and leave room for stuff that comes up. Here’s a sample of Friday’s list:

  • Work Out
  • Run
  • Core exercises
  • Read
  • Work on blog post
  • Etc

Nowhere in there did I write “Have a Baby”. . .but here I am! In scrubs, watching my wife get pre-surgical injections, calling my boss, mom and step-mom letting them know what was going on. (Ironically, my sister just had her baby the day before, so my mom is having two grand kids in two days!)

My wife hopped up on the table and gave her “time out” to the doctor and nurse. She had to recite her name, age, and the surgery she was having. That’s right; medical technology has advanced to the point where they count take a ultrasound image of my baby 15 minutes ago and tell us how much she is going to weigh and show us what she looks like, but my wife needs to tell the doctors who she is and what they are supposed to do so they don’t amputate a leg or something instead of removing a baby. It’s just like when I woke up from surgery on my left arm and on my right arm “NO” was written. Makes you really have faith in the medical establishment. But I digress. . .

The anasteseologist tried 3 different needles to give my wife her spinal block. I held her hand and supported her on the table with a nurse so I couldn’t see the needle go in, but I saw it come out! Holy crap!

They laid her down on the table, set up the sheet over her and blocked her view as I sat on a stool next to her head. Her arms were out in crucifix fashion and they began the surgery.

Because of the surgeon and her assistant’s positions I couldn’t see all of the craziness; but I stood up a bit and got to see some of the action. I saw them cut her with the scalpel, and saw them separate her stomach muscles and reach in her. I kept on looking back at her and nothing seemed to phase her too much. Then both people working on her grabbed her skin and tugged so hard they had to brace themselves with their back legs!  My eyes got really wide and all of a sudden I realized my wife could see me. . I looked down and she had the same look on her face. I reassured her it was ok and went back to watching.

That’s when it happened. As the doctors were working their way through my wife’s innards I felt a dull throbbing pain in the middle of my rib cage right under my heart. It kept on getting stronger and moving upward. I thought “I think I’m having a heart attack!!”

I kept on picturing the scene from one of my favorite movies, Blow. Johnny Depp’s character, the biggest cocaine distributor of cocaine in America during the 70’s and 80’s, has a heart attack during the birth of his daughter. “It was the best feeling in my life abruptly followed by the worse feeling my life.” Of course that dude was doing 10 grams of coke a day. . .

Right as I started thinking I should tell one of these fine medical professionals I thought I was going into cardiac arrest I heard a gasp and “Oh there’s her butt” I popped up from my stool and saw half of my daughter and with a few good turns and a pull out she came. After that I didn’t feel a thing. . .

Reagan Ann came into this world Friday the 13th (yeah some luck huh?) at 9:50 am. She weighted 6lbs 7 oz and was 18.75 inches long.

Reagan Ann 2 minutes old

The minute I saw her I feel in love. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen! I guess some sort of irrantant was in the air because my eyes mysteriously misted up. . .I think the hospital should look into that. . .

On a side note; I think I missed my calling because I look awesome in scrubs!

Dad and Reagan

More to come from the hospital. .


7 Responses to ““I Think I’m Having a Heart Attack””
  1. pete says:

    Congrats! Glad to hear everything went well. And good work on not forgetting to snap a shot of her right after she was born! Have a look at that photo in about five years and you’ll be glad you took it.

  2. Otter Thomas says:

    Congratulations. I hope wife and baby are both doing great. Being a Dad is the best feeling in the world.

  3. Adam says:

    @Pete: Thanks! Yeah, I was under strict instructions to get as many pictures as possible since my family all lives in California and we’re in Nebraska.

    @Otter: It’s a whole new world dude, but I am loving it!

  4. Medical Mastery says:

    Parenting stage in life is a big responsibility. Also we need to thanks the one who help deliver the baby safe.


  5. Super Mega Dad says:

    Congrats! Such an exciting day for everybody. Enjoy every second of it!

  6. Tyler @ Building Camelot says:

    Congrats man! You look like a stud in scrubs! BOTH of our daughters weighed 6 lbs. 9 oz. when they were born - how cool is that.

    Life is about to be, if not already, very confusing and tiresome but you guys will get through it. And I don’t want to hear that she’s sleeping through the night at 6 weeks since our 7 month old hardly sleeps for more than 3-4 hours at a time.


  7. Adam says:


    Oh she is definietly not sleeping through the night. She loves to sleep all day and be up all night.

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