“I Can Make You Thin”- Review


Title: I Can Make You Thin (Book and CD)

Author: Paul McKenna

Length: 155 pages

Price$14.61 @ Amazon.com

Overview:  If you read my recent post about being Skinny Fat and trying to get in shape (and of course you did because you are a loyal reader. . .) you know that I have made some changes to the way I eat.  This book is the cause.

I first saw Paul McKenna on The Learning Channel (TLC) last year.  He had a special by the same name as the book.  I watched an episode or two, but for some reason it just didn’t seem to click.  I don’t know if they were not giving out the good info to sell the book or what.  But I thought this guy was an English weirdo and kind of forgot about him.

I came across the book and needed to lose some weight, so said “What the hell?” and gave it a try.  Great move on my part!

The book is full of simple and easy to use tactics to lose weight in a healthy manner.  You read them and think “That can’t be all. . ” but it is.  No crazy food selections, no forbidden foods, no Biggest Loser style all day workouts (actually he says you don’t even have to work out).

The basic idea of the book is that we eat way too much and when we aren’t hungry.  We don’t listen to our bodies and eat too much and at the wrong time.  We create a feast-famine scenario in our primitive brains and so our bodies store fat because it isn’t sure when more is coming.

So how do we change all of this?  It’s shockingly easy:

  • Eat only when you’re hungry:  Don’t eat because it’s noon or because someone else is hungry.  If you’re not hungry just wait until you are.
  • Eat slowly:  Eat slower by chewing and enjoying every bite a lot longer than you normally would.  Also put your eating utensil down between bites or if you’re eating something like a sandwich, put it down.  By doing these things you give your brain time to tell your body that you are full.
  • Stop eating when you’re full:  Pay attention to your body and stop eating when you feel full.  You’d be surprised how much food will make you full if you pay attention.  I started eating about half of what I was before.  Get over not “finishing your plate” and just save the rest for leftovers.

And in a nutshell. . .that is it!  Too easy right?  Before I was using this system (it’s not a diet) I was losing about 1lb a week if I was lucky.  After I started I was averaging about 4.  I didn’t change anything in my workout or anything else.  Only the way I ate.

The book also comes with a CD to listen to.  Basically it’s a relaxation/hypnosis CD that helps the pillars of this way of eating sink into your head.  It sounds kind of silly I know, but I swear it works.  Just make sure you listen some where you can take a nap (I listened in my parked car one time during lunch and  zonked out).

What I liked:  It’s easy!  The book is a simple read and the ideas in it are easy to understand and immediately implement.  If you love McDonalds, or Chicken Fried Steak you can still have it; just stop eating when you’re full.

What I didn’t like:  McKenna puts little emphasis on physcial activity.  He does recommend just moving more (parking farther away, taking the stairs instead of elevator etc) but for my needs that wouldn’t do.  If you’re grossly overweight and the idea of an elliptical makes you want to run to the buffet line then his advice works.  But I wasn’t just trying to lose weight, I was also trying to be healthier.  I think in the long run physical activity is key to maintaining a healthy life and I thought he should have focused more on it.

My Opinion:  I think “I Can Make You Thin” is an awesome book.  If you’ve tried everything else or simply hate depriving yourself constantly give this book a read.  It’s so simple you’ll put it down and think “Either there is no way this is going to work, or it’s the greatest idea ever!”  It’s the latter, trust me.


One Response to ““I Can Make You Thin”- Review”
  1. DadTrek says:

    These concepts are similar to the ones I got in my P90X nutrition guide. The difference is I’ve actually had to eat a ton more food than I’m used to eating with P90X (because I burn between 600-1000 calories per workout).

    So in my case, the opposite of “skinny fat” is getting more muscular, and eating enough calories and nutrients to fuel my workouts and my muscle growth.

    I don’t want to be huge, but even having a moderate muscular build is one of the best ways to shred fat, because muscle loves to eat up the fat stores.

    I’m 6 weeks into P90X… I’ve gained 5 pounds overall… lost over 1.5 inches from my waist… and my fat caliper measurement went from 12mm to 10mm. Woot!

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