Family tradition

I'm bummed. . .

No, I'm not a Cardinal's fan.  The game actually turned out to be pretty good.  I had a great time at my in-law's watching the game, despite my wife jamming her thumb in my eye (she jokingly tried to pull the brim of my hat down and instead poked my ocular cavity).  No permanent harm done. . . I think

No I'm not bummed out because any of the above; I am bummed out because today marks the beginning of the longest football-less time period of the year.  I'm a die-hard Oakland Raider fan, so my season was over before it even started, but at least I had the joy of watching good football (from other teams) every weekend.

So what am I going to do now?  I can't watch baseball on TV. It's like old people having sex; . . S. . L. . O. . W  Basketball doesn't blow my skirt up either.  It's fast paced which is nice, but you don't get the same kind of strategic playing as you see in football.  Also with both of them there is just too many games.  One single game has little effect in the overall outcome of the season, especially early on.  Hockey (eh)?  Sure the fights are cool and it looks awesome in HD, but let's be honest; it's soccer on ice.

My only option is wait until my sport comes back in early fall.  The draft will give me the fix I need to last until then.  Then like I do every year I will get my hopes up that the Raider's will pull their heads out of their asses and maybe have a winning record this year. . . and like every year (for the last 6 years) I will be disappointed by the 1st game, angry by the 8th, and could give a shit by the 16th. Like an abused spouse, I write them off, accept them back with their promises of change, get my hopes up for a new era in our relationship and then BAM!  Another black eye. . .

So why would anyone subject themselves to this roller coaster of sports emotion?  Simple; I never had the choice.  It was a life I was born into.  My mom is a Raider fan, my dad is a Raider fan, my step mom is a Raider fan. . .I just grew up that way. 

And while I have every intention of making my daughter's life filled with joy and happiness, I have started her down the path of perpetual sports let down. . .I have bought her a Raider's outfit!  The second thing I bought my little girl was a complete infant Raiders get-up.  Hat, booties and onesie all embroidered with every one's favorite patch wearing pirate!

Luckily, my wife and her family are die hard Husker fans, and have very few opinions on professional football, so there is no parental/pro-football conflict.  The first time my wife felt her move was at a Husker game, and of course the family has bought her plenty of Big Red apparel.  So it's been decided.  On Saturdays she will root for the Huskers, and on Sundays the Raiders.

Being a Raider fan is not easy, and my heart does go out for my little girl.  It's a life filled with heart break, let down but also the occational win (they always do just well enough to keep you coming back).  But it's a family tradition, and one I want her to be a part of.

What sports traditons have you passed along to your kids?  Did they stick, or did they revolt and root for someone else? 

Until next time I'll be here. . .counting down the days until the pig skin returns.


6 Responses to “Family tradition”
  1. Otter Thomas says:

    I was born and raised a die hard Arkansas Razorback fan. I have followed them to 3 bowl games, 2 basketball championship tourneys, and 1 SEC football championship in which they were destroyed. I have gone to hundreds of games and never miss them on TV. This has led me to somewhat follow your Raiders becasue of McFadden. I am certain he will be a great player for your team. Hopefully that will start next year. My son has every razorback item that they make and his nursery is a razorback theme. He has no choice but to love the hogs too.

  2. Adam says:

    Yeah, McFadden is aweomse, but one man can’t save the team. If it’s not the QB it’s the O line. If it’s not the offensive it’s the defense. If it’s not the Running backs it’s the wide recievers. . . .

    I think the combo of McFadden, Fargas and Busch is a recipe for success if we can shape up the O line, and get Jamarcus Russel to complete a pass or two.

    That is one of the most infuriating part of being a Raider fan. While he may be senile, Al Davis is not cheap. We have the second highest payroll in the NFL and one fo the worst records!

  3. Joe says:

    Well, we are into the NCAA tournament, the NFL (Ravens) and Duke for college basketball. We will watch games together and football is more of an event, food, family, friends. I am sad it’s gone for a year too. Raiders…well, they have to get better-they just have to. Al is getting too old to run the club the way he tries too. Sad to see such a great organization struggle so much. Next years dolphins? Good post man.

  4. James says:

    Try being a Seattle sports fan…

    It has gotten so bad in recent years that I have just let it go. All of it. I am enjoying spending time with my son and to heck with the roller coaster ride of sports. I’ll be back I’m sure, since I too was born into it and worshiped at the alter of sports for most of my 41 years, but for now I am enjoying not feeling like I wasted an afternoon watching while my team got thumped.

    Feels good.

  5. Al Bundy says:

    My brother, father and I have had been Seahawk ticket holders for over 10 years. My son couldn’t help but become a Seahawk fanatic. At nine years old, he gets first dubs on any ticket the three of us can’t use. His grandfather has him set up with Seahawks jersey’s, ball caps, etc.
    He’s seen some good football in his short life. The one thing the Seahawks over the Raiders - is a legit owner (Paul Allen).
    Go Hawks!

  6. James Tonka says:

    thanks !! very helpful post!

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