DadLab’s Guide to Fatherhood - Review

DadLabs: Pregnancy and Year One DadLabs: Pregnancy and Year One
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Overview: The guys at dad labs have been dispensing funny and worth while information for years and this book is no different.  It walks you through all of the steps of pregnancy and the first year of your baby's life.  It shows you how to deal with raging hormones, cravings, nesting, lack of sex and all of the other fun things that come with knocking up your partner.

What I Like: The book not only teaches you stuff that the other baby and pregnancy books do but it delves into the odd subjects most books won't even touch.  Myths about affecting the sex, male fertility, the crazy people that give you advice and tips to not piss your wife off during labor are some of my favorite.

More importantly all of this info is presented in a hysterical manner.  You're learning stuff but there are enough jokes, funny pictures and charts to make you forget all of that. 

What I Didn't Like:  Nothing!  (Is that a double negative?)


One Response to “DadLab’s Guide to Fatherhood - Review”
  1. Dad Blog says:

    I was seeking a review of this book and with your review, I will have to buy. Thank you for the review. I like reading funny books.

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