Cravings, Sickness and Exhaustion

No the title is not a reference to me after a night of dancing with my old friends Jack Daniels and Bud Light, but instead refers to my poor wife during the first trimester.

Cravings: It started with Dairy Queen soft serve ice cream.  No other kinds would do.  I went to DQ more times in a 4 week period than I have in my entire life.  Then it was Chipotle Mexican Grill for a bit.  Now it’s just different things all the time.  She can’t eat something unless “it sounds good” to her.  Eating anything else than what she is craving does not work.  One time she called me as I was leaving work and wanted me to bring home food from place #1, then changed her mind to place #2, then back to #1, no, now place #3, no “I feel gross, I don’t want food from anywhere” and then finally she settled on place #4.   I asked her, “are you sure?  Because I can’t return it once I buy it”.  Which leads to the next subject. . .

Sickness:  I’ll bring the object of her cravinghome only to have her eat half and then say “Uhhh, I feel sick, I can’t eat anymore.”  Apparently morning sicknessis an incorrect terms, as it can be anytime of the day. It also strikes in a variety of forms.  Not everyone vomits; my wife gets nausea, dizzy and just feels over all crappy.  It does seem to be worse in the morning, but can hit at any time.  Beware!

Exhaustion:  On top of all of this wonderfulness, my wife is exhausted all the time.  She comes home at 5, takes a nap and still wants to go to bed at 9!  This is a classic first trimester side affect of pregnancy.  We have been told it goes away during the second trimester only to return the third.  I will keep you updated on that one.  But for the time being she is beat all the time.

This trifecta leads to a miserable wife, which usually makes for a miserable husband.  I just do my best to accommodate her and make sure she has what she needs when she needs it.  There’s not much more that you can do; just weather this storm of nastiness as best you can and help her do the same.

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