C-Section Madness

As I’m sure you read in my last post, Why My Wife is Wonderful, my little girl is breech and we have to have a C-section on Feb 24th. 

As a fun bonus for all of you trivia nerds like me out there, the Cesarean section is not named after every one’s favorite Roman dictator, Julius Caesar.  No one is certain, but the prevailing theory is that it refers to a Roman law called “Lex Caesarea”, which allowed the baby to be cut out of its mother’s womb if she died before giving birth.  But I digress. . .

My wife has been so dead set against a C-section that I honestly haven’t prepared for it.  So now that I have 14 days to prepare, I am re-reading all the baby books I read months ago to bone up on the c-section. . . sections.  (Sorry, no pun intended)

But then I thought to myself, “Wait!  You have access to the awesome power of the Internet, why not wield that power to learn all about the ins and outs of this?”  Surely my 6 readers must have some insight.

I know the basics about the procedure and the recovery thanks to our new OB and the multimillion $ baby book industry, but I was wondering if anyone had any helpful tips on this one?  Any inside stuff I should know that the books or docs don’t tell you?

Thanks everybody,

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  1. I’ll ask my sister: She has three boys, all of whom had to be born by C-Section due to complications. I’ll get back to you as I’m sure she has some little tips that will help with your wife’s recovery.

  2. On the plus side, your baby will come out with a perfectly shaped head. On the downside, the wife needs to stay in the hospital for 3 days to recover. Also remember that you’ll need to help her out a lot more in the hospital and when she comes home. She can’t life pretty much anything for a bit, so you’ll need to help her out bringing the baby to her, etc.

    Both of my kids were c-sections. It’s nice to have the kids scheduled. Not NEAR as frantic.

  3. I made a blog about what to expect for a c-section, as well as how women CAN have more than 3 c-sections safely. Here is a link to details on what to expect during the 2 hours leading up to a c-section: http://adventuresindiapering.blogspot.com/2009/01/2-hours-leading-up-to-scheduled-c.html

    Congratulations on the new little one you and your wife are about to have!

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  5. @ Morgan
    Thanks for the comment. your post was great. I guess knowing that is this is coming is a lot better than having it pushed on us all of a sudden.

    @Super Mega Dad
    Yeah we watched a video last night at baby class and the kid had a complete conehead! I guess that is one advantage. I am sure my wife is happy about no “tearing” also. . .

  6. Sorry I can’t help you there. Our doctor came in and told us we could either pull the baby out with the suction device or have a C-section. My wife had been in labor all day and pushing for over 2 hours so we were not reallly in our right mind. The doc finally said we will try once then we have to do a C-section. Thankfully Braden came out and we avoided the major surgery. Good luck.

  7. Great Blog man. Lot’s of good stuff in here. Brings back memories… keep writing and good luck!

  8. Thanks for checking out the blog! My mom says I’m a great writer so keep on coming back to make her proud of me!!

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