Baby’s Fists of Fury

Ever since I first found out I was going to be a dad I get these moments where it all hits home. It's the strangest thing; I know that my wife is pregnant, I know there is a baby in there.  I have seen ultrasound pictures and I have even felt my little girl move.  But in the process of just getting through the days and weeks you don't always think about it.

Don't get me wrong, I think about my wife and my baby everyday.  I think about how to be a good dad, husband and person so my daughter will be as happy as she can be.  I read every book I can that gives advice on how to be a good dad, read blogs constantly and research everything I don't get.  I have been eating better and working out more so I can try and lose the 20 extra pounds I have been carrying around for the last couple of years (Thank you chili cheese fries and bud light) all to be healthier for my wife and kid.

Like anything else you adapt and it becomes just "how it is".  My wife of course is painfully aware of the changes in her, but besides the side effects and problems she has I notice the stomach getting bigger and that's about it.  In a lot of ways it's not as real to me as is it to her.  Until last night. . .

My wife and I are sitting on the couch last night and she says really quietly "Hey come look at this."  She has her laptop open so I think she is just going to show me some stupid Fwd email or one of the birthing videos online.  I put my book down and leaned over by her and she points at a spot on her stomach.

Am I looking for spot on her shirt?  Then all of a sudden the shirt moved!  Holy crap!  I can see the direct effects of my baby's movements.  My little girl was going all Cain from Kung Fu on the inside of my wife's uterus! 

I had another "Oh, this is really real" moment.  Every day that we get closer to D-Day, March 3rd, it gets a little more tangible.  Maybe it's a form of denial (not just a river in Egypt anymore).   Or maybe I don't see myself as a dad; it seems like not too long ago I was pouring Jack Daniels into a beer bong on top of a house boat.  So every now and then I have to be reminded every now and then that this is real and imminent. 

Has anyone else gone through this?  How did you deal with it?


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  1. Otter Thomas says:

    As the day gets closer you will be reminded every day but not in such a fun way as baby fists of fury. Your wife will be miserable the last month. Things will grind to a halt and you will just wait hoping the baby comes soon. Try to enjoy every moment because once the baby comes everything will be happening really fast. Our little boy was 2 months old Monday and I can remember watching him move in my wifes belly like it was yesterday.

  2. SciFi Dad says:

    Dude, I’ve got two kids and I still feel like that. Seriously.

    Just because you don’t feel different, or even seem different to people who know you well, doesn’t mean you’re not different. You’re ready, you are prepared (or as much as you can be for your first; without the intention of sounding dismissive, nothing you read or hear can adequately prepare you for when it’s actually real, when it’s your baby girl in your arms).

  3. Adam says:

    It already does seem like things have ground to a halt. I think maybe I read too mnay books and got too prepared too early. Now I feel like I crammed for a test that isn’t coming for almost 2 months. . . .

    I can’t imagine how long the last couple weeks will feel.

  4. Adam says:

    Alright. . . that makes me feel a little better.

    Thanks for the tips

  5. tony says:

    I’ve been going through the same thing, even for our #2 who is due at any minute now. The “is this real?” thing seems to keep going in some sense for a lifetime. and yes, seems like girls in particular like to practice karate in there…

  6. Adam says:

    Ha ha, so it’s not like this goes away then! I’ll just have to get used to it then. . .

    Thanks for the comment Tony

  7. Tracy says:

    Obviously I haven’t experienced quite what you have, being a woman, but since I have given birth 10 times (no joke) I know that wonder. It’s almost more than our minds can believe. There’s REALLY a human being growing in there!? Just wait until she gets even bigger and you can watch her little feet poking out too! It’s absolutely the most amazing time in your life and I hope you enjoy every single awe-inspiring moment!

  8. Daniel says:

    In your post, you already gave yourself the best advice possible: You know where you came from, and recognize that that’s not where you will be forever.

    I sure have stories to tell my kids when they’re old enough to hear them, but literally the second my first kid was born, those crazy antics stopped and I found myself wanting to be a good dad… whatever it took.

    Nobody is born knowing how to parent kids, because you’ll never know how much your patience and emotions will be tested until you’re there. For me, knowing that I would make mistakes but that my children would still turn out fine helped me out big time!

  9. Adam says:

    Thanks for the comment.

    Oh man, I feel exactly the opposite. I never want my kids hearing stories about my wild times! I told my wife if our daughter asks I spent every weekend reading and volunterring at a homeless shelter. Of course my friends have already vowed to tell my offspring all about my shenanigans. . .

    You bring up a good point; that of course I will make mistakes but in the end if I am a good dad they will end up ok. In “What a Difference a Daddy Makes” The book I reviewed in my last post, the author makes a huge point of that in the book. He says that too many people try to be GREAT parents when all you really need to be is a GOOD parent.


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