30 Tips for New Dads

Every man who has just had a baby, knows firsthand how new it is. It seems to young fathers that they can never get used to a child and to their new role in this life with mature ukrainian ladies. But later this state passes away. And in order for a young man to succeed in this – he should listen to the advices of experienced dads. The man who published these tips, has already gone through the difficulties of raising a child and adapting to being a father. Here are all the tips that we’ve managed to gather.

  1. You should no longer have any exact plans, only theoretic ones.
  2. Even if it is difficult for you to do this - be moderately strict, do not be led by a baby, then it will be easier for you to calm it down.
  3. Forget about the eight-hour dream. Maybe you will get it back in a few years or so.
  4. Now you and your wife will have less sleep and sex. This is just something you have to come to terms with.
  5. You will hear a lot of tips on raising a child from different people. Try to “filter” all the tips, choosing those that seem relevant to you.
  6. Remember that we all grew up not because of things, but in spite of them.
  7. A baby will not care whether you’ve done the dishes or not.
  8. Later, you too will stop caring about it.
  9. It is not worth barraging a child with new toys. Believe me, they are more interested in a TV remote, your slippers, the magnet on the fridge. Therefore, do not waste money in vain.
  10. You should hide everything that is valuable. Otherwise, it will be destroyed by your baby.
  11. Yes, your child is more beautiful than other children. It is a fact.
  12. You will be glad to go to work from now on.
  13. Always remember that your spouse lives 24 hours a day in this rhythm. Help her out.
  14. Sometimes try to take a child from your wife and let her go for a manicure, shopping or to meet with friends. This will only strengthen your relationship.
  15. You can lie for a long time, pretending to be asleep, until a wife herself goes on to calm down a baby. This may be a nasty tactic, but it is useful.
  16. When you see a man with twins, come and shake his hand. Imagine how difficult it is for him!
  17. Now, when it seems to you that you are dying from fatigue and powerlessness, remember the guy from the previous tip.
  18. Say thanks to your mom. You now understand her struggles.
  19. It is very hard to cut a baby’s nails, you have to be a jeweler of sorts.
  20. Try to pay determine what your child needs by the way they cry.
  21. Forget the phrase "Let me just put my baby to sleep, wait a sec”. It never takes “a sec”.
  22. Be careful when you are in a supermarket. You can confuse a pram with a cart.
  23. Learn to have short naps throughout the day, it may be your only chance to do so.
  24. Your cool car is not the same. Now there will be a mountain of napkins, a bunch of soft toys, half of the car will be taken by a child seat.
  25. Even if you are over 40, you can call yourself a young father. Kids make us younger.
  26. Start learning sincerity and openness from your child.
  27. Think about the fact that you’ve been the same way when you were a baby.
  28. All the problems of your child will be multiplied for yourself. Therefore, it is better for problems to not arise at all, so cross your fingers.
  29. If possible, write all the interesting things about your baby in a notebook, their first strange words, then phrases, or just ridiculous situations.
  30. And the most important thing – feed your child first and only then get ready for work, as it is so easy for a child to mess up an expensive suit.

And as a conclusion, do not be afraid, it will be the happiest and brightest period in your life!

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