Feel the Funk

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Like most of you I have to report to a cubicle Monday through Friday in order to keep the lights on and the little one in diapers.  Even though I like my job, participating in the daily grind isn't always the greatest.

We all have our little rituals to get through the work week.  Maybe you check Face Book insesently, chat with your friends on AIM or check out all the wonders the Internet has to offer.

Whenever the work week is getting me down I go to You Tube for a little inspiration.  So here's a video I watch when I've got a "case of Mondays" or feel like putting my telephone through the monitor.  If this doesn't make you feel better, you don't have a soul.

Ahh yeah!  You can feel the funk coming through the screen! 

I don't know what it is about seeing Stevie rockin' out, decked head to toe in bedazzled denim but it just makes my day.  Bookmark this bad boy and keep it for a raining day.

Now smile, it's Friday!

Zonk Out Earplugs

As a new dad, my duties when it comes to the baby are somewhat limited.  I change the occasional diaper, feed her every now and then and will cover a late night feeding if need be.

Now before you get on your high horses and judge me for being some sort of slacker, uninvolved dad just calm down.  My wife stays at home while I work a 9-5 job, run a side business as well as run wonderful sites like this which takes up most of my time and then some.  Red Bull and I are good friends.

I help out as much as my wife needs me to and work the rest of the time.  With a hectic work schedule sleep is precious to me and I have to maximize every session of shut eye.

Unfortunately, I have sleep apnea and have to sleep with a fighter pilot -like mask on my face that forces air down my throat.  The machine makes an oh-so-interesting sound every time you breath and can be a pain to sleep with.  That combined with my wife getting in and out of bed and the sounds of our daughter letting us know she's displeased  make for many interruptions in sleep.

That is until I found Zonk Out Earplugs.  These little guys are made of soft power foam and can reduce 32 decibels of noise.  I have been using them for a couple of weeks now and I have to say the change in quality of sleep is quite noticeable. 

The Zonk Out Earplugs filter out almost all sounds and even quite the whirl of my CPAP breathing machine.  They are perfect for blocking out noise, but also don't completely deafen you, so you can still hear an alarm or something major going on.

Make sure you read the instructions though.  In typical male fashion I opened the box and just rammed them in my ears.  You need to flatten the ear plug then insert it into your ear.  The power foam then expands to perfectly fit your ear canal and makes for a perfect fit. 

Every now and then when my wife is completely wiped I cover a night of feeding.  I got my wife the Sleep Pretty in Pink ear plugs and sleeping mask to help her get some shut eye on those nights.  They help block out the sounds of a crying baby and a snoring husband I am told.

If you're looking for some slumber time and need to escape the sounds of a crying baby or snoring husbandI highly recommend these earplugs.  They are sold at more than 30,000 retailers worldwide including Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Rite-Aid, Longs Drugs, Drugstore.com and even Amazaon.com.  For under $5 you can be sleeping the night through. . .


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Let me just say that the person who came up with the idea of the motivational poster is genius.  A simple picture, a one word title and an inspirational line and you got a best seller on your hands.

That being said, the guy who learned how to make motivational posters in photoshop is awesome.  Take something popular, copy it, and make fun of people and things.  It's the American way. 

My buddy sent me a bunch the other day and of course this one jumped out at me.

My little girl can be fussy, but she's not old enough for me to want to lock her in a kennel . . .YET!

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